Border Collie Drawing

Tuesday, Mar. 6th 2012 2:26 PM

Completed a Border Collie pencil portrait:

Pencil drawing of a Border Collie.

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  1. Border Collie Lover Says:

    Your art is absolutely beautiful, I have seen a few artist’s portrayal of friend’s dogs in the past and I never liked them, but yours are on a different level altogether.
    I have 4 dogs and would be interested in one for each of them, as well as one for my beloved Border Collie who is no longer with us.
    Would you be able to take on a large project like that and if so do you have a rough idea of timescale?
    I really can’t compliment your work enough, it is truly stunning. What a skill, if only I could produce work like that myself I would be one very contented human!

  2. Katrina Says:

    Thank you for the comments on my work, it is much appreciated. I’ve just had a look at your site, and am sorry to hear about the loss of your dog, Max. I recently lost one of my dogs too, and know how heartbreaking it can be.

    A large project like that would not be a problem. As for timescale, it would depend on the media used and the size of each portrait. For individual portraits I’d estimate around 6 weeks for graphite or pastel, but for coloured pencil it could take an extra week or two.

    If there’s any more information you need just let me know.

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