Pomeranian – Work In Progress

Oct. 18th 2012

A quick work in progress photo of “Jake”, a Pomeranian puppy:

Drawing of a pomeranian.

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Labrador Portrait

Jul. 16th 2012

Completed Labrador graphite drawing:

Labrador pencil drawing.

Terrier Portrait

Jul. 3rd 2012

New dog portrait:

Pencil drawing of a terrier dog.

Labrador Drawing – Work In Progress

Jul. 1st 2012

A progress shot of a Labrador portrait I’m working on:

Drawing of a Labrador

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New Dog Portrait.

Jun. 10th 2012

A recently completed graphite portrait of “Bear”.

Pencil drawing of a puppy.

Spaniel – Completed Drawing

May. 2nd 2012

The completed graphite drawing of a Spaniel:

Spaniel pencil drawing.

Spaniel Drawing – Work in Progress

May. 1st 2012

A quick shot of a drawing I’m working on:

Pencil drawing of a Spaniel

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Echo Portrait Update.

Jan. 18th 2012

I finished work on the portrait of Echo earlier today:

Pencil drawing of a collie.

Having three dogs of my own, I know that look very well.

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Jan. 12th 2012

Still working on the website, tweaking bits, getting work scanned and ready to add to the galleries.

In the meantime, here’s a quick shot of a current WIP for you; a graphite portrait of a dog named Echo:

Pencil portrait of a dog.

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