New Cat Portrait

May. 12th 2012

My latest coloured pencil portrait:

Cat drawing.


Part of this drawing is also featured in a tutorial on drawing cat eyes.

New Portrait.

Mar. 31st 2012

Latest completed portrait… this is Frank:

Coloured pencil cat.

This was a somewhat sad portrait to do, as Frank recently passed away.

Orange Tabby Cat

Mar. 16th 2012

The completed tabby cat portrait:

Ginger Tabby Cat drawing.

Some people have asked me about how I draw fur, so with the piece I’m currently working on I’m going to make a tutorial of sorts with it.

Orange Tabby Cat – Work In Progress

Mar. 14th 2012

Cat portrait I’m working on, again using the Coloursoft pencils:

Coloured pencil cat.

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Tabby Cat ACEO

Feb. 1st 2012

Here’s a quick little ACEO I started last night and finished earlier today:


I should have more of the site completed in the coming days. I’m losing a couple of hours working time each night due to the arrival of my new TV which has enabled me to adventure in Skyrim once more. Maybe I can learn to draw with my feet…

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Sleepy Cat Portrait.

Jan. 30th 2012

Yesterday’s cat portrait is now complete. Here’s another WIP shot along with the final image:

Pet cat portrait.

Pencil drawing of a cat.